March 9, 2021

Start-up Venture Capital Flourish Savings – Latin American

Now it’s not every day that a Latin American/Brazilian venture capital invests in American-based finical banking, but Flourish Savings is doing just that. 

First off, let’s talk about the Flourish Savings venture capital company. Flourish is teaming up with finical companies and banks to help their clients succeed. By actively breaking a barrier between people and their banking systems, Flourish Savings offers a new bout of technological ventures to help customers succeed and stay with their bank as a client. 

Co-founders Jessica Eting and Pedro Moura are aiming to change how people see their relationship when it comes to money transactions. As a start-up Flourish is seeing a ton of investments being thrown at them by bigger established companies. For one is Bank of America based out of Latin America. The company is incredibly still new by becoming a co-founding project in 2017. 

As of now on the Flourish Savings website, they are supported by Filene Research Institute, Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, Berkeley Skydeck, and VillageCapital. However, on March 4th, 2021 it was announced that Flourish raised $1.5 Million. The other funds that helped raised this extension number that essential will allow Flourish Savings to expand and further integrate their presence was helped by financing this project was Schwab’s Beth Stelluto and First Check Ventures. 

Cofounding partners Pedro Moura and Jessica Eting have known each other for some time and decide that while they spent their college years at Berkely to change how Latin American purposes their money relationships that are helping to slowly introduce more investment opportunities that anyone can become a part of. Essential Flourish Starting is a newer startup capital firm.

Part of the companies three-step process is a simple saving feature set for anyone banking that puts away as little as $15 a month. Then building a corporative system to help people save more money no matter how low the minimum may be. And then, offering anyone the chance to understand how transactions, investing, and general money actions are happening, they help teach people by turning it into a Q&A game. This is a more general understanding since it has become very public knowledge that investing is very difficult for most, but it’s investing that can help lower a poverty level no matter how little someone may save or invest. A little goes a long way and this start-up venture capital is attempting to close the broad border where many individuals suffer financially.

 Flourish Savings has released an app called Flourish Savings App. This can allow its company to integrate with banks and an even easier stance (because using an app to integrate with your bank may make some people second guess) however, Flourish Savings is in a way lending a hand to banks to help group the two together. 

Right now, Flourish Savings has helpful access to those who are looking for a better understanding with transactions in Brazil, the Americas, and more parts of Latin America. Flourish Savings is an excellent example in showing that a B2B finical tech is growing rapidly in Latin American.