March 8, 2021

Symbio Robotics Secures $30 Million by Funding

With just under 5 million jobs in the manufacturing job market will be needing to be filled within the next 10 years, Symbio Robotics has emerged with $30 million based on funding this finance project. Symbio Robotics is in Emeryville, California, which oddly has been called the most dangerous city in California. However, with Symbio needing manufacturers and creating near 5 million jobs, this can be a brilliant opportunity to bring a better living to the area. 2014 Symbio was considered a startup capital firm but grew to be seen as a huge influencer within the manufacturing area. 

Symbio released this new funding amount information on February 24, 2021, just in time for more jobs to be announced. The pandemic has sent a huge shift towards job availability within this section of manufacturing, a near 79% added increase. A major reason being that the lack of utilization of the no travel, stay home orders, will send these jobs skyrocketing, all to come back and start a normal work organization. Incredibly enough, AI robotics will be heard more, and Symbio Robotics should be expected to eventually become a rather commercial than a private company. By time and the whole of 2021 will tell us exactly how Symbio will go forward. 

Symbio Robotics was founded in 2014, which came out with robotic arms available to be programmed and given instructions to introduce a quicker workflow. While this seemed to be a blow to the human workforce, Symbio enforces a collaboration of human and mechanical robotic engineering can help each other. 

As of now Toyota and Nissen are working with Symbio AI robotic assemblies to help with the floor work in auto factories. The funding was made possible and donated by Eclipse Ventures capital firm, The House Fund, and two more. 

Max Reynolds is the co-founder plus CEO and Brandon Pereira co-founder and VP of Control of Symbio. There are 30 employees as of 2021. 

Symbio does have 17 competitors that are Ready Robotics, Yaskawa American, Inc., RoboteX, Osaro, Adept Technology, Veo Robotics, Universal Robots, Rethink Robotics, Amazon Robotics, Soft Robotics, Covariant, and a few more. 

Symbio’s status is still private as of now but shows steady growth potential each week. Investors right now are, ACME, and Eclipse Ventures. 

Even more so is that Symbio Robotics is focusing on the fact that automobiles have become more complexed in design. With that in mind, Symbio wants to program its AI robotics to help with the more advanced and minuscule aspects of auto manufacturing. Then advocating a pairing of human error help and robotic error help, to bring together a tough example showing that the two can work together.

The multi-million-dollar bets between warehouses, AI robotics, and manufacturing have been decades in the making. It only seems absolute that something such as AI help would come to exist and exist in a quality, rather than quantity. The major idea is for robotics to help with distribution to place, pick, and unload objects in the correct places.