March 7, 2021

Oak HC/FT Investing in Healthcare and Fintech Start-Ups

The founders of Oak HC/FT show what it means to invest in start-ups. On February 24, 2021, OAK HC/FT announced a $1.4 billion fund securing milestone. Previously beforehand this milestone had not been reached. But now this funding is going directly to start-up fintech and healthcare. 

Oak HC/FT was founded in 2014 and has become a huge venture capital to help single-standing start-ups become successful competitors. Employees round out to be 11 – 50 individuals. As for the co-founders, they are Andrew Adams, Annie Lamont, and Tricia Kemp. The idea behind Oak HC/FT is to combine and make fintech with healthcare manageable and more cooperative with one another.

It is said that the $.1.4 billion will be spread over 20 different companies that will receive a certain million apiece. As luck would have it, fintech wasn’t seen, early on, that any success would come from it, but fintech has simply grown too exponentially. 

Oak HC/FT helps tech startup capital firms by funding them. The type of finance projects insisted is from entrepreneurs who have a vision that will affect and improve fintech and healthcare. Right now, Oak HC/FT is focusing on entrepreneurs who are finding ways that involve delivery and helping patients that have more difficult to understand cases. 

The start-ups being chosen are, Unified Women’s Healthcare, Prove, Precision for Medicine, Truepill, and Blend. While Oak HC/FT is one of the founders in the early fintech and healthcare incitive. The companies above should be known. 

Let’s look at Unified Women’s Healthcare, co-founders are Bob LaGalia who is the president and chief executive officer and currently, Andrew Adams is the Oak partner. Right now, this venture capital is private, investment stage is growth, and started in 2009.

Prove is currently used by many enterprises and is a fintech-based private venture capital firm. And co-founder by Rodger Desai, CEO, and Oak partner is currently Jonathan Weiner. Prove is about helping companies to reassure and accurately and identify authentically patients/clients/customers. 

Truepill is all about their clients and patients experiencing top-notch care and healthcare. Truepill is co-founded by Umar Afridi CEO and current Oak partner is Annie Lamont. This company was started in 2016. This company also built the first pharmacy API.

Nima Ghamsari and Oak partner are Annie Lamont of Blend. This venture capital firm is private and currently in the growth investment stage. While in the fintech sector, Blend helps with loans and acquiring a good business relationship with their clients.

The above start-up companies are the ones to look at when it comes to healthcare and fintech. Since both are growing this year and continue to do so because of covid vaccines, these are the investments to keep an eye on. 

Oak HC/FT acts as a building foundation for start-ups and continues to showcase some of the best in the world. Look for Oak HC/FT latest companies being gifted $36 million from funding that is directed at improving healthcare and fintech.