March 4, 2021

Decisive Point Invests in Manufacturer Asylon, Inc.

Have you heard of the venture capital firm called Decisive Point? Decisive Point is currently showing huge interest in Asylon, Inc. After Decisive Point has shared exclusive news about their investment into Asylon, Inc. on March 3rd, 2021.

The main reason is that you’ll be hearing Asylon, Inc’s name more often since drones have become popular. That’s right, Asylon, Inc. creates the DroneCore System. This heavy software and manufacturer has found common ground with Decisive Point. As of right now, there is not a huge competition pole for this product.

From the beginning, Decisive Point has been a funding partner for Asylon, Inc. although it is important to note that this investment is a long-term credible advancement. With Asylon, Inc. was brought out into the federal and commercial market this made the company more available for funding.

As of now, Asylon is utilized by the U.S. government for various branches of the military. The software has become a baseline for high-security surveillance.

Along with DroneCore System’s product helping to alleviate traditional security camera availability. Ideally, DroneCore acts as perimeter security available for the most maximum high-risk places.

This investment allows aerial robotics a rise in venture capital since Decisive Point offers government contracts and pretty much picks up the slack involved with the highs and lows of a starting tech company. However, with Asylon, Inc. not being “new” since there have been soaring customers, a lot of whom are from the Fortune 500 fame.

As luck would have it “drone-in-a-box” market has seen an incline in recent sales, this could be an even more clear view as to why this investment and funding partner has made this public, let alone invited a look into development of Asylon, Inc. products further.

However, the further you see Asylon, Inc. and Decisive Point release information, they have been working together from the early beginning. Because of Decisive Point, Asylon, Inc. has had the better deal to land government contracts.

This is the best example of a company that began as a start-up and as recently as this year, you see how fast a company can grow. With Decisive Point offering their venture capital stature towards government and defense innovations.

Here is a bit more on Decisive Point: This venture capital firm works with real world ideas and challenges that the United States could face. They support innovations that can support a safer outcome based on robotic and software technology. The company started in 1990 as a founding industry pioneer. Decisive Point’s employee count is around 1 – 11, so is their consulting firm. Decisive Point started a $10 million capital.

Now regular customers that do not involve government agencies can buy certain products such as the drone. A few things are disclosed to regular normal everyday buyers for good reason. To complete as many safety protocols as possible, Decisive Point really shows how modern inventors can stand a chance in the commercial and federal markets.

Also, Asylon, Inc’s DroneCore System can act as a first responder for ground coverage. Asylon, Inc. is American made. Checking the stock market for each company’s ticker symbol is the best way to follow how well this does in the commercial markets. The company came to be in 2015. Employee count is unknown but suspected at 50 or more.

To check out Asylon, Inc. is and the website for Decisive Point is