March 3, 2021

Rheaply – Chicago Startup

One of Chicago’s newer VC firms Rheaply and it is all about the housing market, but not for houses. It is for unused equipment that can be rented out or sold. This online selling marketplace can allow companies to donate their unused equipment as well.

Founder Garry Cooper and co-founder Tyler Skelton, Rheaply is also Cooper’s first company, the company has a total of 26 employees. Rheaply was also founded in 2015. What is fantastic about Garry Cooper is that he details what he went through to create and raise enough money to start his first company. After the $180,000 mark was hit, Rheaply took off and continues to grow today.

Rheaply offers an extended hand to the city of Chicago where the company is located. With a city so big, businesses are bound to have unused equipment that can be handed off to another company in need. As of now complete total funding has reached $10.5 million. And for a company starting with just $180,000 in 2016, this is super impressive. It should be noted that the city of Chicago has become a hot spot for entrepreneurs creating venture capital firm startups.

As for competitors, here are Rheaply’s competition, Platforme,, Reibus International, and AmazingCo. All the competitors started either in 2016 or in 2018.

How does Rheaply represent itself, with their incredible reply about how and why you should work with their company. They are helping and changing the digital infrastructure to aid support to the climbing economy. Allowing communities to connect further and creating low emissions. 

On February 16, 2021, Rheaply had a great announcement about their fundraising of $8 million. All to help aid in the economy and allowing businesses to take part and help with the climbing climate change. This was a Series A fund, and the largest by far for a first-time Series A fundraising. 

How about a better look at how Rheaply is helping the federal gov, and Fortune 500 big companies. To think about it Rheaply has become a leader from Chicago in the fight against climate change. Rheaply is partnered with City of Chicago to help with the pandemic and what can be done to help the city.

Rheaply has been acknowledged for its excellent end-to-end platform. Why? The companies that have a heavy emission footprint and reaching out to Rheaply to find ways on how to cut down and what is available as resources to continue this new way of life.

So far Rhealpy’s reputation is achievable, and the results show, the companies Rheaply has helped and worked with have allowed 14.5 metric tons of waste to be deflected and saving around $1 million-plus in savings. The companies and organizations Rhealy has partnered with are, Ellen MacArthur Foundation Member Network, Rutgers University Medical Campus, Museums in the Park, and a few more. 

Rheaply’s technology can show how each city anywhere globally could adopt the same measures and actions taken. Chicago is one of the United States’ largest cities and if Rheaply can create an impact, then anywhere can be affected in the right way too.