March 2, 2021

VentureFriends – Tech Venture Capital

Let’s go to Greece to find a vc firm startup called VentureFriends. Right now, VentureFriends focus is Europe and the Middle East when it comes to technology on a different level, this company prefers investments towards geographies. 

VentureFriends finds certain companies that work within the realm of Saas and E-commerce. This Greek venture capital firm has a major following their latest Seed A series was 2.5 million euros. Right now, their investment ratio is 1:2. 

VentureFriends co-founding partners are Apostolos Apostolakis and George Dimopoulos. And this company vc firm was founded in 2016. As of 2020, they have 1 -10 employees and VenutreFriends are at an early-stage venture. Where does VentureFriends stand with startups, they help the early startups with their B2B and B2C that can develop sustainability over a series of years. 

Founders Apostolos Apostolakis and George Dimopoulos look for other startups that have potential and so they can help support highly ambitious founders. While finding the gaps with Greece by finding launched VF1, this allows the founders of VentureFriends to help with seed funding. 

On August 30, 2020, VentureFriends ended up collaborating with Jabbar who scored an exit with InstaShop. 

So, who are VentureFriends competitors in this market? SigmaLabs Accelerator is one of them. Here are a few more, J-Seed Ventures, Inc., TechLaunch, LLC, Sierra Angels,, and BlueBull Financial Boutique.

With VentureFriends home base in Athens Greece, they extend out with the entire European Union. It is good to note that between May 3, 2017, €20M, and then on March 16, 2018, another €50M. Creating a €70M combined between the two. VentureFriends has made 53 investments, but in 2020 in December for Tymit €4M was raised. 

What about lead investments? VentureFriends has 26 leads. And as of 2021 monthly growth is around 333%. What has been noticed is how VentureFriends is an incredible collaborative vc firm. 

In 2018, VentureFriends outs €45M for Greek startups since Europen Union venture capital firms do not have some international ties. But VentureFriends is being looked at by the U.S. as a comrade to collaborate with. 

The extensive number of businesses that VentureCaptial has worked with is outstanding. Even cooler, VentureFriends has a medium website detailing their office hours and what goes down. In 2017 VentureFriends detailed what ideas are exchanged and how 20-30 minutes are for discussing different startups. And back in 2017 on their Medium page, you could send in 3-4 ideas and points you would like to discuss. And this is where VentureFriends vc firm has a sterling and down-to-earth approach. Be sure to have a bit of a detailed blueprint or outline. 

VentureFriends was only a 2-year-old company in 2018. This company is the perfect example of how good people can transform an industry. That helping other entrepreneurs and startup capital firms need funding to get started and continue forward. Any e-commerce and Saas type of business which is pretty much everyone can find a helping hand with VentureFriends. Be on the lookout for more news on VentureFriends.