February 28, 2021


Who is Finablr as a company? Straight out of Abu Dhabi, Finablr is named as the top venture capital fund because of its global platform. Founded in 2018, this vc firm is still incredibly new. Finablr works with finical aspects on a global scale. Working with foreign exchange compounds or end goal terms to projects for businesses or individuals.

Working with an omni-channel proposition on global webwork, adding a huge profile, and working with 25 million customers/businesses. With well over 1,000 corporate-based partners. With Finablr, utilizing their excessive network for transactions accumulating past 100 billion dollars.

What segments are involved with Finablr for their company to run smoothly? B2B & Payment Technology Solutions which is highly important to utilize. Consumer solutions with an added plus for the Cross-Border Payments. Which allows 170 countries to work with Finablr. Then with Consumer Foreign Exchange Solutions to protect each customer or business by using the internet.

Another accurate mention is that Finablr is licensed in 45 markets. But who are the competitors of Finablr? They are Stripe Payments, Venmo for Business, Square Payments, EbizCharge, GoCardless, BlueSnap, Wepay, Braintree Direct, Synder, Chargent, Plate IQ, and way more. So, the competition is quite massive however, Finablr continues to progress forward.

However, on February 24, 2021, Finablr’s newest owners are talking about merger firms with BFC Group Holdings. But 2020 was hard on everyone, especially venture capital firms. The new owners of Finablr are Abu Dhabi’s Royal Strategic Partners and Prism Group AG that bought out a lot of the assets and then all of them to fully own the company. Yet, Finablr is still highly regarded even though of the troubled 2020 year. The company was bought in December of 2020. That’s why the news in February has skyrocketed for the MENA region this builds one of if not the largest, acquired remittance services.

What is strange is the turn of events for Finablr as it started and hit 2020. But now, Finablr is getting a second and better chance to increase their approach in the international world.

The venture capital firm became one of the biggest on the London Stock Exchange in only a year and a half span. Now 3-4 years late since Finablr beginning, the company is having two companies taking over and expanding it to extremely opportunistic portions.

The Middle East has not seen this expansive opportunity with the Finablr option; therefore, this is such huge news. And will start as early as the second half of 2021.

Right now, it looks as if the stock will start returning to the London Stock Exchange and will regain momentum. Although the time has given the new founders options to revitalize Finablr. Meaning companies or investment opportunities should be paying attention to this vc firm that will come out with a surge. The fastest-growing markets around the globe are already awaiting Finablr’s return. The new Finablr will be seen as the new regional fintech company ready to go head to head with what the global markets have ready to establish Finablr as a multi-country fintech medium.