February 26, 2021

Doubtnut – An Education startup

On February 1, 2020, Doubtnut, an Indian startup, ended up funding and raising $15 million. Now, this is in 2020, a year, that took down venture capital giants. Now, Doubtnut is all about education, this a change to the usual fintech or healthcare venture capital firms. This company created an app that student can use to help them with finding their way through subjects as science and math. Basically, helping students or adult students to navigate and find a mastering technique. After $18.5 million had been funded and raised by Doubtnut, this number looks to still be growing. With the second series, nearly $50 million has been funded and raised. 

An added point is that Doubtnut uses languages that a local to help teach, which is a needed venture simply because not everything is based in English, Spanish, French, or Italian which are the main 4 languages used for 90% of all apps. 

There was a recent study that showed were 13 million downloads had commenced for the Doubtnut app. 

The co-founders are Tanushree Nagori and Aditya Shankar, this married couple wanted to improve ways to teach students how science and math do not need to be difficult. Firstly, the married couple had helped tutor students and saw how one on one teaching approach can be helped to improve students’ work. Doubtnut was founded on July 1, 2016. 

Since the Doubtnut app works with snapping a photo of a problem or image written on paper. Then post it to their app platform. Which then shows results on how to accurately solve the problems at hand, offers a second approach to at-home schooling. 

Doubtnut begins a startup in Gurgaon, Haryana, India, is showing how there has been a shift towards vc firm startups popping up around the country. This indicates a hot spot area. 

Who are Doubtnut’s two latest and biggest investors? They are WaterBridge and Omidyar Network. But who are Doubtnut’s competitors? Lessonbee, SmaterU, NaMaYa, Tutor Room, and a handful more. These online education sources are excellent but hopefully, some of the competitions work together to promote higher education to those who do not have the opportunity as of now. 

On February 25, 2021, released how they had received rejections but in a turn of events, fundraised $31 million. With the help of James Murdoch’s Lupa Systems. This comes as a huge celebratory moment for Doubtnut. Even better is that the app itself has archived more languages and several million hours’ worths of time. 

There are around 50 to a potential 200 employees that work there, this number doe fluctuates and is growing. Its current vc firm status is private. In 2020, there was another company looking to buyout Doubtnut but that was later dropped. IT does not look like Doubtnut is wanting to sell. 

Even though Doubtnut has international languages to use on their app, there is no talk about this company becoming global, however, it simply may just be that it’s too early to talk about that.